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Software Engineer - Triton Object Storage

San Francisco, CA, US

The Team

Joyent has been in the cloud computing business for over 14 years and was the past corporate sponsor of Node.js. Two years ago, Joyent was acquired by Samsung and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary. As a company, Joyent has a deep and fascinating history of groundbreaking products. Being key participants in that history, the Manta engineering team has developed a collective memory for the lessons learned by scaling systems.

Even though we are a small team, we have deep systems programming and distributed systems experience. We value earnestness, pragmatism, technology history literacy, debugging, and choosing the right technology rather than merely the latest. Additionally, 50% of our team works remotely, so we strive to structure our day-to-day operations in a remote-friendly manner.

The Product

The Triton Object Store, informally referred to as “Manta”, is a large-scale open-source object storage platform that is run across multiple geographical regions worldwide as a cloud service. Unlike other object storage products, it has strong consistency guarantees, it uses a Unix-like file system hierarchy for organizing objects, it supports containerized compute jobs on the storage nodes, and it supports multiple object links. Manta is run both as a public and private cloud service and on premises in many data centers. Architecturally, it is a large-scale distributed system composed of multiple microservices implemented in node.js and C with metadata state stored in PostgreSQL clusters. Additionally, we are exploring emerging languages and platforms for new development; e.g., Rust.


We are looking for more people like us: systems generalists who love to cut code—software engineers who are afraid of neither the biggest of problems nor the grittiest details, who are comfortable in every stage of the software design and implementation process, and who find gratification in seeing their work available as open source. We’re seeking engineers who are able to move up and down the stack. At any given time, we may find ourselves debugging a nasty device firmware bug, rewriting a portion of the operating system kernel, instrumenting the networking stack, debugging a virtual machine or interpreter, or developing code for a distributed system to allow containers to be understood or managed, perhaps all in the same day or as part of the same problem. We expect you to have detailed knowledge of a favorite language, tool or system, but that you are also able to quickly pick up new ones as needed. And while implementation experience is essential, enthusiasm and interest can trump experience. We are willing to take a chance on someone who wants to step up.

Experience and Skills

An ideal candidate for the Manta team might have some of the following experience, skills, and mindset:

  • You know what the CAP theorem is and you feel confident that you can speak to what it does and does not cover in systems design.
  • You understand computational complexity in the abstract, but you also understand real world computer systems such that you can determine that performance problems are due to, say, locking or I/O contention.
  • You have spent time maintaining and debugging long-running systems.
  • You laugh and cringe at Jepsen tests, subject your own systems to similar tests, and constantly seek ways to assure your systems meet their requirements while improving performance.
  • You have experience with databases and can articulate the tradeoffs between the different approaches taken by relational, NoSQL, and NewSQL database systems.
  • You have contributed to open source projects.
  • You are open to learning new languages, frameworks, and operating systems.
  • You are open to doing performance modeling and capacity experiments in order to quantify how systems behave at massive levels of scale.


At Joyent, engineers need to come up with creative solutions for complex problems and articulate those ideas in a way that users and other members of the organization can easily understand. From fielding customer questions about the product in general to diagnosing performance issues, gathering the information needed to make complex decisions requires communication between teams. No matter how good of a technical solution that one can develop, if it isn’t communicated effectively it isn’t viable. With that in mind, we expect our team members to be emotionally intelligent, communicative and emphatic.

As part of this position, there is an expectation that one will be writing proposals, RFDs and technical documentation. Additionally, due to our remote friendly culture, most technical discussions are via written communication. Thus, there is an expectation that you are a good written communicator. We do not expect you to be a native speaker of English (in fact many of us are not), but we do expect you to put care into your written communications.


We have immediate job opportunities in both downtown San Francisco and Vancouver (both close to mass transit). We are remote-friendly for those who have a track record of contributing to our open source communities or who otherwise have a proven ability to work remotely.


We are a growing company that appreciates the value of talent in terms of things both big (we offer highly competitive salary and excellent benefits) and small (your ACM membership dues are on the house).

About Joyent

Joyent, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung, is the open cloud company. With its Triton Kubernetes services and support, Joyent helps its customers build and operate modern cloud native applications across multiple clouds. Joyent’s Triton Private Regions provide low cost, dedicated cloud infrastructure that gives its customers the ability to own their data and control their cloud costs.

To apply, please submit a brief introduction, a copy of your resume, and a link to your Github or LinkedIn profile to with Software Engineer in the subject. Qualified applicants with criminal histories will be considered for the position in a manner consistent with the Fair Chance Ordinance.

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