Reebonz is an exclusive shopping destination that offers premier brands at deep discounts in online private sales. High-end fashion, home furnishings, luxury destinations and premier experiences are all on offer via Reebonz Fashion, Reebonz Home and Reebonz City. Online sales events are held for short periods of time and are open to members only. Reebonz is headquartered in Singapore with millions of customers ranging across the Asia-Pacific region.


  • OS and virtual hardware: 50 dedicated Joyent SmartOS instances (equivalent to >1000 vCPUs)
  • Applications: Proprietary Web stack,  Stingray Load-Balancer

The Challenge

With huge traffic spikes and aggregate growth of page views running a whopping 20% per month, Reebonz was experiencing repeated problems when the response to popular sales crashed their Web infrastructure. Because Reebonz releases deals at noon Singapore time, its dedicated hosting facility servers would receive a tidal wave of pageview requests in a very concentrated time. Says Torres, “Brutal traffic at noon resulted in many outages and loss of revenues during the peak hour.” Torres Oey wanted:

  • The ability to respond to demand spikes by scaling quickly and massively. To meet huge usage spikes around the opening of private sales, Torres needed a way both to plan for these types of events while also having the capability to scale even further if necessary at a moment’s notice.
  • A cost effective cloud computing solution. While meeting demand and maintaining site performance was essential, Torres also wanted to keep the cost of his IT and cloud infrastructure under control.
  • Strong migration support. Because Reebonz was moving significant infrastructure, Torres knew his team would require expert support and detailed advice for  a smooth switchover.

The Solution

Reebonz liked Joyent because of its ability to accommodate usage spikes by instantly bursting CPU capacity through shared resource pools in the data center. The option of a dedicated software-based Stingray Traffic Manager™ cloud load balancer to manage traffic during large usage spikes was also important to Torres. He worked closely with Joyent's sales and support team to test Reebonz' new cloud infrastructure. Reebonz deployed over 50 dedicated SmartOS instances (equivalent to more than 1000 vCPUs) and two  Stingray Traffic Manager™ load balancers. Torres got:

  • Seamless Migration to the Joyent cloud. Torres was able to quickly migrate Reebonz applications from a managed hosting solution over to a SmartOS architecture on the Joyent cloud and launch full production applications without a hitch. Joyent’s support team provided responsive support and key platform preparation guidance that Torres described as "extremely helpful".
  • Accommodating Very Large Traffic Spikes. Now that Reebonz is on Joyent, it regularly uses the dynamic scaling capability inherent to Joyent's SmartOS. This allows for instant vertical scaling to deliver fast Web response times to end-users even in the face of extreme noon-time traffic spikes. Torres also takes comfort in the unique capability of Joyent to resize Reboonz applications upwards on the fly without requiring any downtime or reboots.
  • Low Cost Cloud Architecture with High Performance. By migrating to Joyent, Reebonz was able to reduce their IT infrastructure expenses while simultaneously enhancing performance. This ability to control costs while improvement performance fulfilled a key mandate for Torres and the Reebonz management team.