NodeStack was formed by Joyent, 10Gen, Nodejitsu, Clock and MongoLab to provide content around a specific stack of technology for web based architectures of all shapes and sizes. The stack includes Node.js, MongoDB and SmartOS. Nodestack does not propose that this is the best stack for all application architectures but targets the content to act as a compass for companies and developers looking for a tightly integrated stack option to build the next great app.

Recent Event

October 10, 2013 - Security Stack, Part 2

Security is a topic that many NodeStack followers have asked us to cover in our monthly web events. In order to give this topic the attention it deserves we have decided to devote the next two NodeStack events exclusively to Node.js security.

Our guests for these sessions will include Isaac Schlueter, Daniel Shaw and Adam Baldwin. Each of our guests brings a unique expertise and experience around the topic of Node.js security.

In Part 2, we will have Daniel and Adam walk us through Node.js Architectures and the Node.js Security Project in depth. Both have given full presentations on these topics to user groups and meet-ups so we want to bring these presentations to a broader audience.

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