NodeStack Online Conference - 2012

On October 17, 2012 the first NodeStack Online Conference was streamed live all over the world. Thousands of people from North & South America, Europe and Asia Pacific tuned in and many of them joined the conversation on Twitter using #NodeStack.

The event explored why organizations are gravitating towards these technologies and why they work so well as a production ready software stack. Experts from the companies behind these technologies (10Gen & Joyent) as well as some of the most advanced productions users (Nodejitsu, MongoLab & Clock) review this stack from the top through the foundation and discuss or debate the surrounding aspects of the stack as a whole.

The event was recorded live and is now available HERE. Once you are registered you will have access to 3 main sessions and 90 minutes of panel discussions and audience questions.

This event was so successful and well received that the partners are already planning future events. Register to ensure you are kept informed.


Introduction Steve Tuck, GM of the Joyent Public cloud welcomes us to the online conference and discusses Nodestack, the agenda for the event and speakers.

Watch this presentation now.

The Crazy-Cool Things you can do with Node.js + Use Cases for the stack Nuno Job, CCO at Nodejitsu

Node.js is a software system designed for writing highly scalable Internet applications. In this session Nuno Job, CCO of Nodejitsu reviews Node.js from the basics to the most amazing ways that Node.js can and is being used. Nuno does an excellent job (no-pun intended) of balancing between new and advanced Node.js users through examples and analogies that include movies, cooking and even flying servers! Most popular quote according to twitter: “if you love something, open source it” Watch this presentation now.

Node.js + Mongo = Love Aaron Heckmann, Engineer at 10gen

Combining Node.js with the popular document-oriented MongoDB makes for powerful and robust application architecture. In this session, Aaron Heckmann, Engineer from 10Gen, the company behind MongoDB, explores why these technologies fit so well together. Aaron walks us through the importance of Java Script to both systems and how to leverage the stack through live demos. Most popular quote according to twitter: “one language to rule them all” Watch this presentation now.

Stack Foundation = SmartOS Bryan Cantrill, SVP, Engineering at Joyent

SmartOS is an OS/hypervisor that is lean enough to run entirely in memory, powerful enough to run as much as you want to throw at it and provisions faster than any other hypervisor in the world. In this session Bryan Cantrill, Joyent's VP of Engineering takes us on an energetic adventure through the history of software, the importance of SmartOS as the stack foundation and the inevitable debugging process of the software. Most popular quote according to twitter: “the amateur thinks the bug went away, the professional knows that it is just waiting to pounce” Watch this presentation now.

Panel Discussions Each tool in the stack has various benefits that relate to revenue, cost savings and time to market. This expert panel session focuses on how the parts and the whole produce faster returns for less investment. Themes include: Scaling the parts of the stack, support, staffing, business benefits, some great technology focused rants amongst the experts and questions from the online live audience. The recordings are split into 3 parts.


  • Steve Tuck, SVP, Global Sales at Joyent


  • Nuno Job, CCO at Nodejitsu
  • Aaron Heckmann, Engineer at 10gen
  • Paul Serby, CTO at Clock
  • Ben Wen, VP of Sales at MongoLab

Watch this presentation now.