Privacy Policy

Joyent, Inc (hereinafter the “Companies”) respects individual privacy and value the confidence of their customers, employees, consumers, business partners and others. The Companies strive to collect, use and disclose personal information in a manner consistent with the laws of the countries in which they do business, and pride themselves on upholding the highest ethical standards in their business practices. This General Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) sets forth the privacy principles that the Companies follow.

Information that we capture from All visitors to our site:

Visitors to our site have their IP address, HTTP referrer information and requested pages logged into plain text and SQL databases.

Participants in our forum and Weblog commenting:

IP address, HTTP referrer information and requested pages are logged into plain text and SQL databases. Customers can optionally include their First, Last or Full name; an email address; a Web site URL; and other optional information that can be included in specific fields or in a general text area.

Customers that sign up for our services:

IP address, HTTP referrer information and requested pages are logged into plain text and SQL databases, in addition to our customers “username”, email address, URL, billing and mailing addresses, and credit card (number, expiration data and CCV) or paypal billing information.

Clients that log into our servers via SSH and SFTP:

IP addresses, reverse DNS information and initial commands are logged into secured local and remote text files and SQL databases.

Clients that execute programs or script on our servers:

User, script name and binaries used logged into secured local and remote text files and SQL databases are logged.

Clients that submit issues via email or any support system:

IP address, username, URLs and email addresses are captured.

Our Data and Information Retention Policies Web access logs are retained for 60 days. Personal, financial and billing information is permanently retained in an encrypted format. Forum and Weblog contributions may be permanently retained. System accounting and execution logs are retained for 30 days and then destroyed. Support emails and logs may be retained, but Joyent reserves the right to destroy them after a period of six (6) months. We don’t share your information with third parties without either your explicit permissions or under court order.

Safe Harbor Participation for Clients' European End User Data:

Joyent recognizes that the European Union ("EU") has an "ominbus" data protection regime established pursuant to the European Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) (the "Directive") and that Switzerland has adopted a comparable data protection law (together, "European Privacy Laws"). Among other things, the European Privacy Laws generally require "adequate protection" for the transfer of individually identifiable information about end users located in the EU and Switzerland to Joyent's operations in the United States. In connection with providing data hosting and other services to Joyent's clients, Joyent may obtain incidental access to individually identifiable information about Joyent's clients' end users in the EU and Switzerland ("European End User Data"). Joyent accordingly adheres to the requirements of the US/EU and US/Swiss Safe Harbor Privacy Principles published by the US Department of Commerce ("Safe Harbor") with respect to European End User Data received in the United States. Our clients act as the data controller for any European End User Data received by Joyent in the US. Joyent acts as a data processor on behalf of our clients with respect to such European End User Data, and accordingly only carries out the instructions of such clients with regard to the storage and processing of European End User Data. For more information about Safe Harbor please refer to the US Department of Commerce website at European End Users may first wish to contact the client with questions regarding European End User Data shared with Joyent, as this may be the most efficient means of addressing such access requests. Any European End User who cannot resolve his or her issue directly with the client or Joyent can contact the local data protection authority for further information and assistance. If you have any questions about our Safe Harbor participation, please contact us as directed at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

Questions can be directed to:

Joyent Inc.
655 Montgomery Street, Suite 1600
San Francisco, CA 94111
Attention: Privacy Office

Effective: February 22, 2013