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The anti-OpenStack

Brandon Butler for Network World | July 22nd, 2015

Bryan Cantrill, CTO of cloud provider Joyent, is excited about being on the technical committee that will help steer the Linux Foundation’s newest project: The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). But he doesn’t want it to be like another popular open source project: OpenStack. To Cantrill, who spoke for himself and not for the broader CNCF, says he hopes the new foundation can use OpenStack as an example of what not to do. Read More ›

As Kubernetes Hits 1.0, Google Donates Technology To Newly Formed Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Frederic Lardinois for TechCrunch | July 21st, 2015

Kubernetes, the open-source container management tool Google launched last February, hit version 1.0 today. With this update, Google now considers Kubernetes ready for production. What’s more important, though, Google is also ceding control over Kubernetes and is donating it to a newly formed foundation — the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) that will be run by the Linux Foundation. Other partners in the new foundation include AT&T, Box, Cisco, Cloud Foundry Foundation, CoreOS, Cyc… Read More ›

Could container cloud action catch Amazon's attention?

Alex Barrett for TechTarget | June 26th, 2015

Joyent has announced a partnership with Canonical to provide certified container-native Ubuntu images optimized for Triton, its platform that allows containers to run on bare metal while eliminating the VM abstraction layer. Joyent’s Triton Elastic Container Service, announced in March, became generally available on Tuesday after the completion of an early access program that involved 2,500 participants. Read More ›

Canonical and Joyent bring container-native infrastructure to Linux

Rob Marvin for SD Times | June 18th, 2015

Canonical and Joyent have announced a partnership enabling container-native Linux images to run directly on bare-metal Ubuntu using Joyent’s Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure. Triton, Joyent’s container stack announced back in March to extend Docker deployments directly on bare metal, was released with general availability earlier this week. Triton is compatible with all major Linux distributions, according to Joyent, but this partnership with Canonical optimizes the infrastructure for the… Read More ›

Joyent Adds Non-Docker Services to Triton Container Cloud

Jason Verge for Data Center Knowledge | June 18th, 2015

Joyent announced the ability to run container-native Linux images directly on bare metal with Joyent Triton, its bare metal container cloud. While running Docker is a focus of Triton, Joyent is extending its capabilities beyond Docker, its first major partnership being Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, the popular Linux distribution. With container-native Linux developers can leverage operational efficiency of containers and run legacy applications and other data-intensive services without… Read More ›


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