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Joyent: The Docker-friendly cloud you’ve never heard of

Andrew C. Oliver for InfoWorld | November 5th, 2015

One of the privileges of writing for InfoWorld is that I get to meet some of the brightest minds of the industry -- and they actually talk to me. In October I met Bryan Cantrill, the CTO of Joyent, while attending Couchbase Live NY. Cantrill is one of those people who could give a truly entertaining technical or technomarketing talk no matter what the content happens to be. He weaves in computer history and pops off the stage at you whenever he speaks. The last person I met who could present on… Read More ›

Containers steal the show at VMworld

Alex Handy for SD Times | September 3rd, 2015

Containers were the only thing anyone could talk about at VMworld this week, and yet the discussions were not about how great they are. Rather, the discussions were about, “How do we use this stuff in an enterprise?” In the longer run, however, there is at least one detractor saying that running containers inside a virtual machine misses the point entirely. Late last year, Joyent began releasing the source code for its Smart DataCenter Project, the software that runs its hosting platform. Bryan Can… Read More ›

Special Exclusive: Q&A with Joyent CEO Scott Hammond

Jennifer Cloer for | September 3rd, 2015

I recently caught up with Joyent CEO Scott Hammond at LinuxCon in Seattle. Joyent has been a leader in supporting the growth and diversity of the Node.js community and was a founding member of the Node.js Foundation. I was interested to learn more about Scott and his work at Joyent, as well as more about the company's contributions to Linux and open source. Below I include a Q&A with him on these topics. I'll also be sharing a video interview with Scott a little later this fall. Read More ›

Containers with Bryan Cantrill from Joyent

Jeff Meyerson for Software Engineering Daily | August 26th, 2015

Container infrastructure has benefits of security, scalability and efficiency. Containers are a central component of the DevOps movement. Joyent provides simple, secure deployment of containers with bare metal speed on container-native infrastructure Bryan Cantrill is the CTO of Joyent, the father of DTrace and an OS kernel developer for 20 years. Read More ›

Q&A with Bryan Cantrill: Running Containers on Bare Metal with Triton

Daniel Bryant for InfoQ | August 5th, 2015

InfoQ recently sat down with Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Joyent, and asked about his thoughts on container technology, running Docker on bare metal, and how Joyent is driving technical innovation within this space through the development of their Triton platform. Cantrill is a regular on the software development and operations-focused conference circuit, and has recently presented "Running Aground: Debugging Docker in Production" at DockerCon 2015, "Building and Scaling Container Driven Cloud… Read More ›


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