Joyent opens data centers in Singapore and South Korea targeting Asia

infotechlead | January 17, 2018

Joyent announced the opening of two new data centers in Singapore and South Korea – targeting large enterprise deals in Asia. The strategy behind the investment in new data centers in Asia is aimed at signing deals for the company’s Triton Private Regions, a next generation approach to cloud infrastructure as a service designed to deliver increased control and cost savings.

Joyent Opens New Data Centers In Singapore And South Korea

Mission Critical | January 17, 2018

Expansion into Asia enables delivery of cloud infrastructure as a service combining best of public and private clouds.

Joyent Expands Data Centers Into Asia

Business Facilities | January 16, 2018

New data centers in Singapore and South Korea will meet the needs of customers who operate globally distributed applications.

Joyent, LunchBadger partnership targets serverless multi-cloud market

RCR Wireless News | January 2, 2018

Joyent, a software and services company, and LunchBadger, a serverless microservices platform, recently announced they are teaming up to support multi-cloud serverless applications.

Joyent Partners with LunchBadger to Bridge Containers and Serverless

SDxCentral | December 28, 2017

Samsung subsidiary Joyent is teaming with LunchBadger to add another lane to the bridge between containers and serverless computing for enterprises.

The companies will offer a single-pane control panel over their container and serverless computing platforms. It will rely on Joyent’s Triton Kubernetes platform and LunchBadger’s application stack for management.