Joyent Taps LunchBadger Serverless Framework

Container Journal | December 21, 2017

Joyent, a unit of Samsung that provides cloud computing services, is teaming up with LunchBadger to deploy a serverless computing framework based on an event-driven architecture on top of Kubernetes clusters.

People on the Move: Scott King

San Francisco Business Times | December 20, 2017

Drawing on his 20 years of data center management experience — most recently at VMware — King’s directive is to expand Joyent’s global footprint to support the growth of the company's open cloud solution, Triton Private Regions, around the world.

People on the Move: Angela Fong, Vice President, Engineering at Joyent

San Francisco Business Times | November 14, 2017

Angela will oversee Joyent’s engineering as the company works to change the competitive landscape as a next generation cloud service provider. Fong played a critical role in engineering and launch of Triton Private Regions to Samsung, one of the largest, most sophisticated cloud users in the world.

Reinventing the Private Cloud: Joyent Triton Private Region Brings New Flexibility, Control to Private Cloud Environments

Frost & Sullivan | November 10, 2017

This SPIE assesses the recent trends in private cloud, including customer buying habits and the expected growth of private cloud over the next two years. The report also reviews Joyent’s latest offering, Triton Private Region and evaluates it on its market advantages and customer benefits.

With Private Regions, Joyent offers fully open source and transferable private clouds

451 Research | November 1, 2017

A year on from its acquisition by Samsung, the company has packaged its experience with the electronics giant into Private Regions, which are fully supportable and transferable private stacks promising lower costs and greater data control for large, predictable workloads.