Canonical and Joyent bring container-native infrastructure to Linux

SD Times | June 18, 2015

Canonical and Joyent have announced a partnership enabling container-native Linux images to run directly on bare-metal Ubuntu using Joyent’s Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure.

Joyent Adds Non-Docker Services to Triton Container Cloud

Data Center Knowledge | June 18, 2015

Joyent announced the ability to run container-native Linux images directly on bare metal with Joyent Triton, its bare metal container cloud.

Joyent and Cannonical Offer A Linux Flavor: Ubuntu Containers on a Bare Metal Platform

The New Stack | June 18, 2015

Joyent has announced a partnership with Canonical to provide certified container-native Ubuntu images optimized for Triton, its platform that allows containers to run on bare metal while eliminating the VM abstraction layer.

Joyent hits the sweet spot between containers, VMs for Ubuntu

InfoWorld | June 18, 2015

The first release of Joyent's Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure offers the ability to run Ubuntu Linux a la containers, for better performance and elasticity.

Joyent Ready To Run Multi-Tenant Containers Without VMs

InformationWeek | June 16, 2015

Joyent has opened the doors to all comers to try running containerized workloads on its bare metal infrastructure, managed by its Solaris-derived SmartOS operating system.