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Cloud load balancing needs more automation, customer control

January 15th, 2013

Joyent, a San Francisco-based cloud provider and Riverbed customer, offers its users access to virtual application delivery and load balancing from the Stingray product line via both a provider-managed service -- like Amazon's ELB -- or as a service controlled and managed by the customer, said Jason Hoffman, chief technology officer for Joyent. The shared structure of Amazon's ELB service was a contributing factor in the Christmas Eve failure, Hoffman said. "Instead of having a monolithic service and scaling it across all customers, cloud providers can employ services on a per-customer basis so when one service goes down, it doesn't have a cascading effect." "If a [Joyent] customer has their own instance of Stingray software, the customer has control and anything that impacts other customers will not affect their data path, even if they are on a multi-tenant infrastructure," he said.