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CloudPro: How cloud computing is set to change the face of media forever

April 29th, 2012

The media have been quick to embrace the potential of the cloud and it's a market that will look very different in the future.

As cloud computing now passes from what we might perhaps call its adolescence into full adulthood, the industry as a whole is starting to refine its messages with regard to specific industry verticals.

With clear advantages in terms of operational flexibility, quick start up with low capital-expenditure and back end serviceability, cloud computing is arguably well suited to the often erratic nature of the media industry across print, video and web-based new media streams.

Impacted by swinging audience trends, new fashions or crazes and globally connected world news events, cloud computing now has a special role to play in underpinning electronically delivered media services in the 21st Century.

Turn on: multi-channel multi-media multi-device Exec VP & general manager of Joyent Cloud Steve Tuck explains how cloud can help new media delivery in the 21st Century model of multi-channel multi-media multi-device usage. Joyent has worked with the US Major League Baseball body as it employs cloud services to provide online interactive media services for the sport's media streaming requirements.

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