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Drawn to Containers, Samsung Buys Joyent

PCMag | June 16, 2016

Samsung stepped away from its usual strategy of building intellectual property in-house by announcing yesterday that it was buying cloud provider and container pioneer Joyent for an undisclosed sum, but one that should, by all accounts, be significantly less than the $26 billion that Satya Nadella promised to LinkedIn earlier this week. The move makes sense for Samsung, which up until now has been heavily dependent on Amazon Web Services at Amazon to provide its cloud infrastructure and services.

While AWS is certainly an enterprise-grade provider of cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service and a long list of related cloud services, it's also expensive and probably not as responsive as Samsung needs. Additionally, Samsung isn't looking at its underlying cloud platform for run-of-the-mill infrastructure and app hosting. Rather, it wants to specialize in building and delivering broad-scale, consumer-grade mobile solutions. For that, container technology is currently the favored solution and, while Amazon supports containers, Joyent has been out front with that tech for much longer.

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