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ITworld: The Grand /usr-fication of Linux

January 27th, 2012

January 27, 2012—- The Fedora Project is currently mounting a concerted effort to merge Linux filesystem directories into a more organized structure, an effort known as /usr merge.

This is not really new news: I covered this back in November. But a new posting on from systemd developer Lennart Poettering is seeking to dispel many of the arguments against such a merge, while touting the merger’s advantages.

Poettering is not the initial proposer of /usr merge—that designation goes to fellow Red Hat developers Harald Hoyer and Kay Sievers, as an effort to clean up the mess that was made when the /sbin and /bin directories were first split off from each other. The Grand /usr-fication Theory will, when implemented, essentially pull in every component of the operating system to a single mounted volume. Read more