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Joyent's Docker host runs containers on bare metal without VMs

Serdar Yegulalp for InfoWorld | March 24th, 2015

With its latest project, Joyent joins the ranks of vendors offering large-scale solutions for Docker's problems: a way to run containers directly on bare metal without the additional layer of management and technological hassle attributed to VMs. The Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure is built on Joyent's open source SmartOS product and can be installed on anything from a developer's notebook to an entire datacenter's complement of servers. Instead of managing containers by way of VMs,… Read More ›

Joyent's Triton ships Docker containers on cloudy bare metal

Neil McAllister for The Register | March 24th, 2015

Cloud outfit Joyent has launched Triton, a new software and service offering that provides what Joyent describes as "container native infrastructure," where the Linux container – not a server or a VM – is the atomic unit of hosting. "In a sentence (albeit a wordy one), Triton lets you run secure Linux containers directly on bare metal via an elastic Docker host that offers tightly integrated software-defined networking," Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. Read More ›

Triton: Docker on Bare-Metal Without VMs

Mitch Pronschinske for DZone | March 24th, 2015

Bryan Cantrill, the CTO of Joyent, was speaking at O'Reilly's Software Architecture Conference in Boston last week about some new technology from his company. If you've ever had a chance to hear him speak, you know that his energy goes up to 11. For years, Joyent has been all-in on OS-based virtualization being the future of computing, and with the Docker/container revolution in full swing, they think that the rest of the industry is starting to realize this too. Read More ›

Scenes from the Docker Revolution

Eric Knorr for InfoWorld | March 23rd, 2015

In a presentation at a Docker Seattle meetup, Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill, who worked on the Solaris kernel at Sun, offered a colorful critique of conventional virtualization vs. containerization: It is horrifying how humanity's precious energy has been diverted to making hardware virtualization actually perform, and the number of kittens that need to be slaughtered every time you perform I/O in the cloud -- it's disgusting, actually. It's horrifying. It's amazing that it works ever, at all, let… Read More ›

Untangling the intense politics behind Node.js

Simon Phipps for InfoWorld | February 20th, 2015

The news that broke at the Node Summit last week -- that Joyent and others are proposing to create a Node.js Foundation -- came as no surprise to anyone who has been watching the controversy around everyone's favorite server-side JavaScript platform. It’s been clear for a while that Node.js has outgrown its roots and become an important structural tool for the software industry. Read More ›