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TechCloud9: Guarding BYOD in the enterprise

June 25th, 2012

Martin Banks

Some people call it Bring Your Own Device, and some Bring Your Own System. But whether you opt for BYOD or BYOS, the end result is the same: the growing need to oblige organisations around the world to embrace the BYOD/BYOS approach, and allow personal smartphones and tablets to access business applications and private corporate data.

And let's face it, the move makes a great deal of sense. Not only do staff get to use tools they are familiar with – and it is quite likely the biggest source of 'finger trouble' for businesses is the fact that there are as many types of keyboard configuration as there are PC makers – but the businesses benefit as well. They do not have to invest in desktop systems, saving significant capital outlay, and they also nearly always get far better hardware. BYOD does put an end to the PC vendors’ habit of charging premium prices for low-spec system just because they are branded as 'business machines'.

The upshot, of course, is that businesses have to find ways of accommodating the trend.

One new solution has just been concocted in the form of new US partnership between mobile risk management company, Fixmo and Cloud infrastructure performance company, Joyent.

The partnership aims to deliver Cloud-based mobile security and corporate data protection solutions to enable secure, managed and compliant BYOD deployments in a massively-scalable Cloud environment.

In essence, it means both companies will offer Fixmo’s mobile solutions for BYOD security, device management, data loss prevention and compliance assurance through Joyent’s SmartDataCenter Cloud infrastructure.

BYOD does, of course, have one noticeable weak-point: the devices have not been configured from construction as integral parts of an overall information management and security environment. So each device carries a significant risk potential related to corporate data leakage and increased exposure to cyber-attacks and policy violations.

Fixmo’s mobile risk management solution addresses these challenges through a secure sandbox on BYOD smartphones and tablets. This keeps all corporate email, browsing, documents and applications securely contained and under IT control without impacting the personal side of the device. Fixmo also provides advanced mobile device management and security monitoring capabilities that can lock down access to all corporate data and apps in the event a device has been compromised, tampered with or placed into a vulnerable state.

Joyent’s contribution is to deploy the following products as pre-configured services running on the massively-scalable SmartDataCenter. They are reckoned to be equally at home whether the customers are deploying public, private or hybrid Cloud infrastructures.

Fixmo Sentinel is the mobile risk management platform providing mobile device management, security and integrity monitoring, policy compliance and auditable reporting. SafeZone is the secure sandbox for BYOD that keeps all corporate email, browsing, documents and apps encrypted, contained and under IT control. Finally, SafeGuard is the application security software development kit (SDK) that enables organisations to secure their custom business apps and manage them on BYOD devices.

The two companies claim significant experience in pushing the security and compliance capabilities of the Cloud and mobile devices. Joyent claims to be the only Cloud software provider that delivers persistent, enterprise-class IaaS and PaaS solutions built from the ground up to provide integrated security frameworks along with web application and company-level isolation. Fixmo’s mobile security and risk management solutions have been developed as part of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. National Security Agency.

The joint offering will be available to in the second half of 2012.