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VentureBeat: Exclusive – How LinkedIn used Node.js and HTML5 to build a better, faster app

August 16th, 2011

August 15, 2011 — This morning, LinkedIn launched its gorgeously overhauled mobile app. We’ve already told you all about the new features, but for developers, the most exciting part is what’s going on under the hood.

The app is two to 10 times faster on the client side than its predecessor, and on the server side, it’s using a fraction of the resources, thanks to a switch from Ruby on Rails to Node.js, a server-side JavaScript development framework that’s barely a year old but already rapidly gaining traction.

How Node rules the roost — unless you’re crunching data

We quizzed Prasad about his team’s use of Node.js, the Joyent-sponsored, server-side Javascript technology that’s been all the rage among many startup-centric developers we know.

“On the server side, our entire mobile software stack is completely built in Node,” said Prasad. “We use a ton of technologies at LinkedIn, but for the mobile server piece, it’s entirely Node-based. Read more