9 Millions Requests Per Day (Load Tested) with 120 megs of RAM. One Joyent SmartMachine. Add Hacker News and Share.

September 01, 2011 - by alexsalkever

I started working at Joyent this week. My nominal title is Director of Product Marketing -- Joyent Cloud. In reality, at a shop like Joyent, you wear so many hats that titles are fluid at best. But as marketing guy with a serious technical bent, one of my favorite parts of the job is seeing people do amazing, innovative things with Joyent products. This morning, a link to this post appeared on Hacker News, the developer news aggregation hub run by Y Combinator. The post explained how a very smart dev had built a Web stack (a customized blog stack, really) that could handle 9 million page views of traffic demand per day on a single, small Joyent SmartMachine. In the post, Alex Micek detailed some really interesting coding and configuration tricks he had run through to improve the performance of his website to be able to handle this sort of load with only 120MB of RAM. (Here's a flow-chart image showing what he did).

So this was of sufficient interest to pick up 120 comments and counting. It's nice to be shown in such a positive light but, equally important, we just love to see people sharing the recipes for things they are doing in the Joyent Cloud to achieve astounding feats of performance. In talking to customers, we hear a lot of these stories. They make us happy. They might win us more customers, too, which is our goal as a business (shameless plug). But the latter will not happen without the former and the more cool stuff we see people doing with Joyent, the happier we are. In my new position at Joyent, I'll be sharing a lot more of these types of stories, including detailed customer case studies and additional insights and ideas as I ramp up in the coming months. We have a no shortage of material --from conversations with customers to tales from the Node.js Knockout event at Joyent HQ.