A Brand New MongoDB Appliance with Pre-Installed, Tuned Up Mongo Goodness

December 09, 2011 - by alexsalkever

We're down in Santa Clara for the annual MongoSV show and simultaneously announcing the launch of our brand new SmartMachine for MongoDB. This new virtual machine comes pre-loaded with a fully tuned, optimized, and ready to deploy instance of MongoDB, the NoSQL database that is becoming a key player in mobile, e-commerce, game and other responsive, low-latency applications. The growth of the MongoDB community has been extremely rapid as more people have come to embrace NoSQL data stores for modern Web application and DIRTY (data-intensive, real-time) uses.

In discussions we also heard many devs talk about how MongoDB and Node.js (the application environment of which Joyent is a corporate steward) play so well together with javascript, JSON, and other nice matches that make mating the two ridiculously easy to pull off. MongoDB running on top of Joyent's SmartOS SmartMachine brings a lot of additional goodies including:

  • On-the-fly resizing of the database with no reboot or service interruption
  • Bursting of up to 800% at not extra charge to keep the database responding smoothly, even under extreme loads
  • DTrace-driven analytics for mapping latency outliers in four-dimensional heat maps rather than fighting through logs or staring at graphs or charts that hide the bad actors

You can get your feet wet with MongoDB+Node.js with this simple blog by our friends at MongoLab explaining how to set up a basic Node.s Web server running on a MongoLabs database as a service. Also we have some details of putting both MongoDB and Node.js on a Joyent SmartMachine virtual server.  MongoHQ, like MongoLab, is another viable PaaS that allows you to play around with MongoDB in a simple to manage software-as-a-service environment.

Most importantly, we're interested in what the Joyent Cloud community is going to do with this new SmartMachine purpose-built for MongoDB apps. Please share and let us know what you think and what improvements can be made. Thanks!