A SmartOS and Linux Meetup

November 21, 2012 - by joyentlindsay

Did you catch the Information Week article today about Joyent? The headline was thrilling for us to read this morning: “Joyent’s very smart SmartOS proves that some cloud servers are better than others.” SmartOS is what makes Joyent run so much faster than other cloud infrastructure platforms. But what is SmartOS, and why would you take any time to learn a new operating system when what you know works perfectly fine? We all know it can be difficult to change our habits and systems, but with 2-3x faster performance and 99.9999% uptime, we think it’s worth taking a look for the sake of your customers and end-users enjoyment of your application.

We want to make it easy for you to transition, and let you know how you can still run Linux while getting the benefits of our SmartOS cloud. We’re bringing to Joyent SFHQ Jasun Wurster to help out. Jasun is the curator of our Linux datasets and the linux optimized kernels found at linux.joyent.com. His background as a Linux Systems Administrator started with installing Slakware from floppies he downloaded over a milnet link in 1995. Jasun highlight the commonalities of SmartOS and Linux that a Linux Systems Administrator experiences in the Joyent Public Cloud. Case studies of customers who have hybrid SmartOS and Linux installments will be reviewed. Focus in on technically how Linux KVM instances are created, performance and current limitations. There will be food, beers, and Jasun will be available after his talk to offer any help he can to get you on the road to better performance.

Register here for the meetup in downtown San Francisco, CA November 28th at 6:30pm.