And the Academy Award Goes to...

December 05, 2012 - by Len Shneyder

This is a guest blog post from Len Shneyder, Senior Marketing Manager of Message Bus, a Joyent solutions partner.

You! That’s right. You just won the academy award. You took your company to the Joyent cloud and you extended the company’s capabilities through Message Bus’ cloud-native messaging across email, mobile and social channels. By quickly enabling the most comprehensive and powerful cloud infrastructure for messaging, you saved your company money, time, resources, and ensured that messages are not only sent, but most importantly, delivered thanks to the winning team of Message Bus & Joyent.

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Every hero has a partner: Starsky & Hutch, Han Solo and Chewbacca, Crocket & Tubbs; Message Bus and Joyent are a powerful combination empowering million dollar ideas that turn water into wine.

So why did you deserve the Oscar you ask? Because you made the right decision and migrated your company’s messaging to the cloud. You cleared old funky hardware off your company’s books. Message Bus is the antidote to your personal and professional fiscal cliff, it means you don’t have to worry about capital expenditures and qualified personnel. With Message Bus in Joyent’s cloud it just works, all the time, everywhere. Your sys admins are busy building the ramparts of your corporate defenses and making sure the printer on the 12th floor doesn’t turn into an Office Space casualty because industrial strength mail servers are an afterthought, a check box, a ‘got that off my plate’ sigh of relief. Your boss is so overjoyed he doesn’t know what to do with the extra cash so he’s taking you out to dinner and kicking in an Audi for xmas.

But you’re more than just a hero with IT for taking the heartache and headache of managing mail servers off their hands, you’re a one stop shop that has a masked partner to help navigate the privacy and policy waters of digital communication. When your boss came to you with you a list culled from the dusty innards of a former employee’s laptop you refused to send it. When someone came up with the idea of partnering with a company that promised millions of qualified leads and operated out of a trailer in the Utah desert you fought back like a mid 90s action hero with an arsenal at your disposal.

You are the reason we rejoice. You’ve harmonized the transactional channel and turned it into a smooth operation that delivers welcome messages in under 30 seconds keeping your brand sticky and warm like a Cinnabon. Your marketing email barrels out of the turn through a programmatic API like a bobsled team on steroids. You navigate and negotiate break neck turns because your cloud based delivery infrastructure hums and scans the road ahead and adjusts the skates of your sled. No more cables, no more wiring, no more blades and racks and hard disk failures.

You know you’re the goat herder of your customer’s digital desires; you’re the brand steward. Your finger is on the button but you exercise restraint. Instead of carpet bombing inboxes you spend the time to analyze ripples in the fabric of your website--thanks to inbound telemetry from your cloud native messaging application you’re increasing your customers’ profiles with every nuance and data point possible to flesh out your fans and deliver the most compelling content.

All of this would be for naught if it wasn’t for your delivery vehicle. Your secret sauce is a partnership that redefines messaging mojo; you’re on a fantastic voyage, riding Message Bus in partnership with Joyent into a joyful nirvana where email, mobile and SMS are merely your sixth, seventh and eighth senses.

You rest at night knowing that your website is up, on point sending password resets and welcome emails like Roger Federer on a tennis court. You’ve queued a campaign for morning deployment and aren’t afraid that it’s the largest to date because capacity will spin up on demand and the mail will get through on time. Your dreams are works of art because you know the systems sending your email are virtual engines of awesomeness that have 99.9999% uptime.

Go ahead, take a bow. You made the right choice. You’re in the cloud, and your messages are in people’s inboxes. All that’s left now is the acceptance speech, and you’re going to have to write that yourself.

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