Announcing the Inaugural Node.js Incubator Members

March 27, 2015 - by Ryan Wilson

As the corporate steward of Node.js, Joyent strives to increase awareness and adoption of the runtime, which strengthens community and overall contribution. To this end, we recently established the Node.js Incubator Program as a way of enabling technologists to learn and to leverage Node.js, as they build and scale the applications of tomorrow. The year-long program includes custom on-boarding, training, and hosting credits for members.

After reviewing hundreds of applications from talented tech innovators, we’re pleased to announce the inaugural Node.js Incubator Program members. Each member’s use of Node.js is critical to the application being constructed, or in initial stages of production, but each member utilizes the power of Node.js in different ways.

Follow along during the 1-year program as we’ll be highlighting these tech innovators, learning why they selected Node.js, and sharing production practices and user stories from their implementations of Node.js.

2015 Node.js Incubator Program Members

AudioPump: a service that allows small and medium sized internet radio stations to grow their audiences through hosted radio streams, along with centralized management tools.

Bithound: a software analytics solution whose mission is to analyze projects & provide developers with real metrics, valuable insights & actionable recommendations to build the best software possible.

Crave, by Neemlabs: an application that will forever change how urban-dwellers order delivery food.

Errnio: provides code that enables other sites and applications to tap into new promotional spaces for monetizing mobile web visits, based on gestures, not traditional banners and intrusive media.

Helpmonks: an email management platform for teams. Allows companies to handle sales and support emails with a shared inbox, promoting collaboration and integrates with existing tools.

Jaco: a service designed to let you watch your customers engage with your product, providing real insights, not just analytics. The new way to gain customer insights and optimize your product. an “uber” for activities, giving users the best activities for them, near their current location.

Road Rules: a mobile app that automates tasks while you drive so you can focus on driving. Addresses the problems of distracted driving and productivity while driving by integrating cars (both connected and nonconnected) with the Internet of Things.

Skytales: Offers a 3D scanning solution that doesn't require custom hardware or restraints to scan static objects. This will allow 3D scanning on all mobile phones. Currently entering the final stages of development.

SOAJS: an open source dream framework that empowers building crazy fast the API-nization layer between the product frontend (UI/UX) and backend (business logic).

Join us in congratulating our incubator members!