Big Data App Development Just Got Better

March 22, 2013 - by rachelbalik

When Todd Papaioannou, co-founder and CEO of Continuuity, was chief cloud architect at Yahoo, he and a team of 120 needed to create a platform on which 5,000 devs could build applications. To make this happen, they needed to set up 45,000 Hadoop servers in Yahoo’s 400,000 node private cloud. What he discovered was that Hadoop isn’t as all that easy to use. Inspired to solve the problems he encountered at Yahoo, he founded Continuuity, the industry’s first Big Data application fabric.

The Continuuity AppFabric is an application runtime and data platform that sits on top of open source Hadoop components and is delivered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). It is the first scale-out application server for Hadoop and HBase. Continuuity’s PaaS enables developers to quickly and easily deploy their Big Data apps to a single tenant, hosted virtual private cloud (VPC).

Sounds great, right? What’s even better is that Continuuity products and related services will now be officially available on the Joyent Public Cloud, and we are a preferred cloud infrastructure provider for deployment of the Continuuity AppFabric™.

With Continuuity, development teams have access to a self-serve platform with DevOps tools and insights to allow managing and scaling of applications. They can use the Continuuity Developer Suite to create and deploy applications locally and then push them to a cloud environment on Joyent infrastructure with one click. With no changes to application code, applications are elastically scalable and ready for use in production.

The partnership gives developers a complete set of capabilities to create Big Data apps, according to Papaioannou. It makes it fast and easy to build, deploy, scale and manage Big Data apps. For us, it’s a continuation of our commitment to bring our expertise to the development and deployment of Big Data apps. With Continuuity, we’re enabling developers everywhere to keep ahead of the next generation of app development.

To sign up for the Continuuity Virtual Private Cloud Edition private beta, visit the Continuuity Products page. A public beta of this service will be available in Q2 2013.