Billions Served: Joyent Accelerators a Real Platform for Growth

January 29, 2008 - by grassonthefield

Mark Mayo of Joyent gave a presentation yesterday evening at a Facebook developer garage in Vancouver, Canada. One statistic from his presentation really stands out. Joyent provides on-demand infrastructure for one application serving nearly one billion page views per month. One billion. Moreover, the infrastructure cost for that application is just over $10K per month. And, if the fickle desires of Facebook users turn away from this customer, they aren’t tied down to a contract. We help people scale up, and scale down.

As Rod said in an earlier post, Joyent is powering 11% of Facebook application usage and growing rapidly. Joyent can do this because the Joyeurs have built a real, open protocol, open standards, professional cloud computer. We have hardware load balancers and high-end routers capable of driving billions of page views across our entire network every month.

I am really proud of what the Joyeurs have accomplished. Congratulations.

P.S. the application is a Rails app. I think these facts put to bed any issues regarding Rails and scaling.

(Photo and blog quote from: Miss 604)