Buy a Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Get Joyent Accelerator and SFTPDrive Free for Three Months

September 04, 2008 - by grassonthefield

At Joyent we’re really excited about the new Dell Inspiron Mini 9. We think this sort of highly portable “cloudbook” is perfect for working with cloud computing services, especially services designed for web developers. Joyent and our friends from Magnetk have teamed up to provide Dell Inspiron Mini 9 purchasers a great way to experience the cloud. Provide Joyent with an electronic version of your Dell receipt for your Inspiron Mini 9 (any configuration) and Joyent and Magnetk will send you:

  • Access to one 1GB Joyent Accelerator for three months;
  • Three month demo license for Magnetk SFTPDrive (mount SFTP shares as drives under Windows XP and Vista);
  • Startup version of Joyent Strongspace (multi-user SFTP service).

After three months you can choose to continue ($154 the first month includes SFTPDrive license; $125 per month thereafter), or cancel.

To participate, send your receipt to with the subject line “Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Offer”.


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