“Casino by Runtriz” Doubles Down on Joyent Cloud

October 23, 2013 - by Channa Bannis

Runtriz, a leading developer of software solutions for the hospitality industry gives “You got Served!” new meaning. “Casino by Runtriz” and “Hotel by Runtriz” mobile ordering and workflow management solutions power the digital and mobile strategies of many of the world’s top casinos and hotels, improving food and beverage service and optimizing staff performance. Clients using these cloud-based platforms reduce order- to-delivery times by 75% during peak hours, beverage waste by 65% and optimize staff performance.

Runtriz’s original choice for cloud hosting initially served the company’s needs until the growing popularity of “Casino by Runtriz” began to outpace its original scope. Increasing demand required a more cost effective, elastic and scalable cloud solution. “It was getting difficult with our previous cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to deploy services at a cost-effective rate,” explains Alonso Vargas, CTO and co-founder. “And once, due to a botched update and lack of communication on their part, my entire environment was down for a night, which cost us significant revenue and eroded trust with our clients.” “Casino by Runtriz” currently processes over 10 million orders annually for some of the most recognized brands in the hospitality industry.

Joyent’s unique OS-based virtualization and cloud-native architecture met all of the high-performance requirements for a cloud IaaS provider that would support the company’s expansion into additional high-volume, high frequency hospitality markets. How painful was the switch to Joyent? “When our account rep said it would take a couple of week, I didn’t believe it,” explains Vargas. “But that’s all it took. We were able to migrate about 90 percent of our environment using the Joyent template that’s available online.”

Joyent gives Runtriz break-neck performance, better cloud uptime, security and white glove service and support it could not have gotten from other cloud IaaS providers.

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