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  • Mar
    Enhanced OS Virtualization for the Cloud by joyentdeirdre

    Enhanced OS Virtualization for the Cloud - Jerry Jelinek at Illumos Day

  • Feb
    SmartOS: An SA Primer by joyentdeirdre

    SmartOS basics for sysadmins presented by Ben Rockwood.

  • Feb
    Estonian Science, Cybersecurity and Joyent’s Cloud by This is a guest post by Mike Gault, CEO of GuardTime.

    Recent events have shown again and again the challenge of using cryptographic keys to prove the authenticity of electronic data. Whether it’s McAfee revoking keys for signing apps on the Apple store, stolen keys from Bit9 being used to sign malware or RSA losing its master private key, key compromise is a potential headache every CSO wakes up to on a daily basis. But what if you could prove the authenticity of the world’s data without relying on cryptographic keys at all?

  • Feb
    Joyent: Then and Now by rachelbalik

    Here in Silicon “blink and you might miss something” Valley, we spend a lot of time talking about the present and predicting the future, but not a whole lot of time reminiscing about the past. However, in honor of President’s Day this past Monday, we realized we might also benefit from learning a little bit about the present by revisiting history and reflecting on the past.

  • Feb
    Introduction to SmartOS by joyentdeirdre

    Bryan Cantrill opens the BayLISA meetup at Joyent, August 16, 2012.

  • Feb
    Surge 2012 - When Node.js Goes Wrong by joyentdeirdre

    The event-oriented approach underlying Node.js enables significant concurrency using a deceptively simple programming model, which has been an important factor in Node's growing popularity for building large scale web services.

  • Feb
    Building Nodestack on a Smart Machine by Mr. Max Bruning

    For the past few weeks, I have been studying performance of an application that uses MongoDB, Node.js, and jmeter. The application was written by a third party, and they set up the application so that each component runs in its own Smart Machine.

  • Feb
    ZFS Performance Analysis and Tools by joyentdeirdre

    The performance of the file system, or disks, is often the target of blame, especially in multi-tenant cloud environments. At Joyent we deploy a public cloud on ZFS-based systems, and frequently investigate performance with a wide variety of applications in growing environments.

  • Jan
    DevOps - SmartOS Operations - Ben Rockwood at illumos Day by joyentdeirdre

    Watch it Wednesdays are hand-picked videos from our Joyent engineers who have given talks in the past on a variety of open-source offerings. These videos have been selected for their ability to shed light on some of the most relevant, pressing topics in today’s developer community.

  • Jan
    Joyent and Hadoop: Making Big Data Better by rachelbalik

    What? You haven’t? Well perhaps that’s because it’s not quite famous yet, but once word gets out about the new Apache Hadoop-based solution we launched today, we expect this phrase to be top-of-mind for companies who are looking for better performance from Hadoop and have ambitious goals when it comes to managing big data.

  • Jan
    Training from Joyent by joyentirene

    We’re happy to announce more training from Joyent, see the calendar for dates, details, and registration links.

  • Jan
    Linux Users, Got Three Cents? We’ve Got Something for You by Jasun Wurster

    We’ve just updated Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 6.0.6 to make Joyent an even sweeter ride for Linux users. Highlights of Joyent’s version 2.3.1 include Joyent GPG signed Debian and Ubuntu repos that offer secure Joyent updates and being able to set hostnames via CloudAPI using Mdata.

  • Jan
    How to reset kstat counters by Mr. Max Bruning

    I have been thinking about this one for a while, because every now and again, mostly for testing purposes I find that I really wish I could reset a kstat. I have been able to figure out how to reset certain kstat(s) with MDB, but wondering if perhaps you have one method that makes it relatively easy to find and reset any kstat.

  • Jan
    Joyent and Node.Js Win InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award by rachelbalik

    Anyone who works with “Generation Y” has no doubt heard that they’ve been dubbed the “trophy generation” because everyone gets a trophy just for playing, no matter if they win or lose. We’re proud to say that the criteria for recognition was a bit more stringent in the InfoWorld Technology of the Year awards, and we managed to earn ourselves a “trophy” not just for showing up to the game, but for truly showing that our cloud services are a cut above the rest.

  • Dec
    Linux Datasets in the Joyent Public Cloud by Jasun Wurster

    Video from our "Linux and SmartOS in the cloud" meetup with Jasun Wurster.


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