Celebrating TextDrive's Three Years

May 16, 2007 - by grassonthefield

The Original VC200

In May, 2004, Dean and Jason raised the initial money for TextDrive by offering people an opportunity to buy a lifetime hosting account for $200. Only 200 accounts were available.

The New VC200: Lifetime Joyent Accelerators

To celebrate the third anniversary of the original “VC200”, and to usher in a new era of on-demand infrastructure based on Joyent Accelerators, we’re going to do it again. Joyent Accelerators are the future of on-demand infrastructure. Beginning today we have 200 slots available for lifetime, yes lifetime, Small or Medium Accelerators. Pricing is here. This is a one time opportunity. When the 200 slots are sold, that’s it. So accelerate…

UPDATED: Existing lifetime customers will be able to keep their existing shared accounts.

UPDATED 5/25/07: We have sold 197 of the 200 accounts in this special promotion. If you are interested in getting a lifetime ‘S’ or ‘M’ Accelerator and have not placed your order yet, we would encourage you to do so now. Once the 200th is sold, the promotion will end. Cheers.


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