Couchbase Containers with Bare Metal Performance

June 03, 2015 - by Joyent

Containerization, spurred on by Docker’s rise, is swiftly establishing itself as the future of computing. Containers promise a shorter, faster path from development to deploy, and may also improve performance and cost efficiencies. Yet, achieving the promised efficiencies and convenience, especially with applications that require sophisticated networking, remains challenging. Worse, many operators compromise container performance by running them with an unnecessary hardware hypervisor layer that slows performance and increases costs. In this session, Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill will demonstrate how we can enjoy the simplicity and performance or running Couchbase on bare metal while also achieving the benefits promised by containerization. Joyent’s Triton container-native platform gives applications like Couchbase full access to the network stack and fast I/O that you’d expect of bare metal, combined with the convenience of a Docker-native API to launch those containers across the entire data center. See Bryan deploy, rebalance, and benchmark a high performance Couchbase cluster spread across the data center with just a few Docker commands.

Bryan Cantrill CTO, Joyent