Discount to MongoSV, the Ultimate MongoDB Conf (Joyent CTO Jason Hoffman Is Speaking.)

November 11, 2011 - by alexsalkever

Did you know that LinkedIn runs their mobile applications on MongoDB hosted in the Joyent Cloud? Many Joyent Cloud customers are MongoDB lovers and it makes sense because MongoDB is quite accessible to application developers focused on mobile, e-commerce and gaming (Joyent Cloud's top verticals).

So we at Joyent Cloud are excited to sponsor of MongoSV (, the annual MongoDB user conference in Silicon Valley on December 9. Register by midnight today to take advantage of early bird pricing of $50, plus use our sponsor discount "joyent_mongosv" for an additional 25% off.

The multi-track conference includes 50+ sessions covering a wide variety of topics for both novice and experienced users. In addition to sessions from the developers building MongoDB, attendees can learn how companies such as AOL, Cisco, Disney, Shutterfly, and more are operating MongoDB in large-scale production deployments. Our own Jason Hoffman, CTO and Founder of Joyent will be speaking on:

The Importance of Accessibility and Open Source in Developer Adoption An often cited strength of Node.js and MongoDB is that it's "easy to get started". Ease of use, access, integration and interoperability are first class citizens right up there with performance, scalability and security. Open source also aids in these. Jason will be discussing examples and the importance of this in developer adoption.

See you there!


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