DTrace Now Able to Parse JSON Strings

December 11, 2012 - by joyentlindsay

This post originally appeared at blog.sysmgr.org. This is the first appearance on Joyeur from our new software engineer Joshua M. Clulow. He is already a great contributor to illumos, SmartOS, and open source DTrace.

In August of this year I jumped on a plane and moved from Australia to San Francisco to work for Joyent. It's been busy and exciting, from learning about a new city to finding my stride in a new role. I thought I'd take a moment to talk about a new DTrace feature that I just added to illumos-joyent, the core of our SmartOS operating system!

When Bryan Cantrill suggested that we should provide a subroutine for JSON parsing in DTrace my interest was immediately piqued. The challenge of writing a compact, bespoke JSON parser to operating in the tightly restricted environment that is DTrace probe context was a rewarding one. The strict, well-defined nature of the JSON specification was an immediate and welcome asset in completing this work, which I [recently] put back.

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