Erlang processes are human too

August 29, 2006 - by jason

Via Ludo I came to read why processes scale better than threads (a topic that comes around every now and then).

But the case is really made in Joe Armstrong’s recent Concurrency is Easy where he does a great job connecting the philosophy behind erlang to common human experiences.

Each human is a process you see: we live, we die, we heal, we communicate, when in a group others notice if, what and maybe why something happened to us, sometimes they even pick up the slack so we can recovery, sometimes they put us out of our misery.

I’ve been a fan of Erlang since the end of the last millennium (we have a couple of infrastructure pieces written in it) and always flip through Dr. Armstrong’s slides when they come up. In fact, even the last slide in this pdf is quite timely and great advice (the slide is from 2001).


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