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  • Apr
    ZFS RaidZ Striping by Mr. Max Bruning

    Recently on the ZFS mailing list, there was some discussion about how ZFS distributes data across disks. I thought I might show some work I've done to better understand this.

  • Apr
    SmartOS /proc Tools by Mr. Max Bruning

    I am currently working on an online course that is aimed at Linux system administrators and developers who want to use SmartOS.

  • Mar
    ZFS Record Size by rachelbalik

    A ZFS record size is variable: by default it's 128K, but write 2KB of data, then only 2KB writes to disk. What does record size actually enforce?

  • Mar
    Where's My Memory Going? by Mr. Max Bruning

    This week, Mr. Bruning investigates memory leaks.

  • Mar
    DTracing Hardware Cache Counters by Mr. Max Bruning

    Carlos Cardenas has been working on porting a program from Linux that is CPU bound. He found some hotspots using DTrace. He asked someone what else he could do to maximize performance and was asked in turn if the program was cache friendly. Carlos went on to ask if I could provide some insight into the cpc provider in DTrace. I'll do that, concentrating on examining cache utilization.

  • Feb
    Building Nodestack on a Smart Machine by Mr. Max Bruning

    For the past few weeks, I have been studying performance of an application that uses MongoDB, Node.js, and jmeter. The application was written by a third party, and they set up the application so that each component runs in its own Smart Machine.

  • Jan
    How to reset kstat counters by Mr. Max Bruning

    I have been thinking about this one for a while, because every now and again, mostly for testing purposes I find that I really wish I could reset a kstat. I have been able to figure out how to reset certain kstat(s) with MDB, but wondering if perhaps you have one method that makes it relatively easy to find and reset any kstat.

  • Jan
    Memory Capping on SmartOS by Mr. Max Bruning

    Mr. Bruning answers the question, "what happens when the memory being used by a zone exceeds the cap?"

  • Dec
    How To DTrace poll(2) System Calls by Mr. Max Bruning

    Max Bruning answers a question from Twitter about a DTrace script.

  • Dec
    LAMP stack on Joyent SmartOS by Mr. Max Bruning

    Weekly column from Mister Max Bruning @MrBruning answering your burning SmartOS, DTrace, and mdb questions.

  • Dec
    Sorting Processes by Joyent

    First column from Mister Max Bruning @MrBruning answering your burning questions on SmartOS, DTrace, and mdb.