First Public Cloud in Taiwan Powered by Joyent

September 21, 2011 - by shogatwo

We’ve been working with the good people at MiTAC, a Taiwan-based global systems integrator, to introduce the first public cloud in that country. Joyent founder and chief scientist Jason Hoffman and the Joyent APAC team were in Taipei on Monday for the announcement. As you can see, the hardware heart of MiCloud, as MiTAC's public cloud is named, is Ferrari-red and and disguised as a London phone booth. The software heart of it, Joyent's SmartDataCenter, will run the hardware through its paces. Arista Networks was also a part of this launch, providing the network operating system.

Don't let the size fool you: MiCloud is built using the most modern, efficient, and performant hardware, software and networking available today. You can read more about what powers it here.

(That's Jason, second from the left.)