Focus on What Matters: Automating Configuration Management with Chef

March 04, 2013 - by rachelbalik

Our goal at Joyent is not just to offer you the best cloud infrastructure and hosting but also to empower you with tools that improve all aspects of your business. One of those tools is Chef, a very popular configuration management framework that allows you to easily create and manage a system configuration. In fact, Chef is probably one of the best time savers offered on Joyent. One of the key values of using Chef is you can write configuration management scripts and deploy those configurations through Chef regardless of the underlying OS. Your configurations are deployed and managed through a Chef "cookbook".

Installing Chef on Joyent will undoubtedly make your life easier, and this week, we’re also making it easier to get started with Chef with a technical demo and webinar. On Thursday, March 7, 2013 from 10:00am - 11:00am, Peter Yorke, Solution Architect at Joyent, will take you through the steps of setting up software, adding new users and pushing out new config files. Peter is an expert on Application Optimization, Scalable Systems Architectures, Analytics Clusters and Social/Casual Gaming & Mobile Solutions and will share insight on getting Chef up and running.

Register now and learn how to make configuration management easier with Chef - so you can start focusing on more important things.