Free Accelerators for OpenSocial Developers

April 02, 2008 - by grassonthefield

Joyent is pleased to announce 1024 free Accelerators for OpenSocial developers. The first OpenSocial participating social network we are supporting is hi5. We will be supporting additional OpenSocial social networks in the coming weeks and months. We will also expand the program in the coming weeks to keep up with demand. Unfortunately, demand sometimes outruns supply. Thanks, in advance, for your patience.

OpenSocial provides a single platform for developers to create applications that will ultimately run on a wide variety of social networking websites including hi5, Bebo, MySpace, Flickr, Yahoo.

Joyent Accelerators for OpenSocial developers provide a great place to begin development of a social networking application. We’ve optimized the Accelerators with the libraries needed for Rails, Python, Java, and PHP development.

You can sign up here. We are looking forward to seeing all the innovation and ingenuity express by developers.


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