From Joyent This Holiday Season: Sign-up - Spin-up - Then Shop on Us!

December 18, 2013 - by Channa Bannis

Test-drive our free trial by December 31st, and get a Joyent Digital Shopping Spree if you Sign-up and Spin-up for 7-days. And you'll also get a NEW Manta Storage Service 10GB FREE TIER for 1 year. You’ll love it! Check out what our customers have to say, then try it for yourself!

Why Customers Love Joyent!

Customer Support - Having a dedicated account manager and knowledgeable technical support people has been a huge factor in Wanelo loving their relationship with Joyent.

Performance - Teletrac benchmarked Joyent against other cloud environments and Joyent performed 5 and 10 times faster than the competition.

Scalability - Joyent’s virtual scalability gives Storify confidence that big news events will be easily accommodated by scaling up to 400 percent instantly to meet their needs.

SmartOS and DTrace - Voxer transitioned its application stack off of the Linux operating system and on to Joyent SmartOS to take advantage of SmartOS’ Joyent Cloud Analytics and DTrace, gaining critical real-time insight into their environment.

Cost Reduction - Digital Chocolate’s profitability of each of the company’s games dramatically improved once it went live on Joyent due to a 50% reduction in their infrastructure costs.

Your Success - Message Bus found Joyent’s approach very different to the six other vendors with which they tried to work. Joyent’s complete dedication to helping them make their customers successful was evident in the unparalleled access, control and openness they were given.

Node.js - Node.js gives Runtriz’s developers a better platform for building scalable, real-time applications. And because Joyent is the corporate steward of Node.js, the best minds currently working on it are accessible to them when they have questions.

There’s more, but we’re a bit modest at this time of the year. On the other hand, our generosity is in full effect, so, Sign-up, Spin-up, and Shop! - before December 31st! We’ll send you your Joyent Digital Shopping Spree as soon as you qualify.

Sorry, @benwen, Joyent employees are not eligible!