Hellloooooo, Europe! We're Live in Amsterdam, People!

April 19, 2012 - by alexsalkever

Just in case you missed our tweets and our press release (who reads them anymore?), here's the scoop on Joyent Cloud Europe. We just lit up our first data center outside North America and its in Amsterdam! This is a Tier-4 facility with all the goodies you've come to expect from Joyent Cloud: all Nehalem / Westmere processors and 15k RPM HDs, all 10/40Gbps mesh network, and all the wonderful SmartOS traits (DTrace, Zones, ARC Cache, ZFS). Best of all, you can provision and manage virtual machines from the same unified customer portal or via our Joyent Cloud API.

We moved into Amsterdam in response to customer requests that we get them even closer to end users in the EMEA region. Since we are focused on helping customers deliver Real-Time Web apps in the cloud full production, any extra millisecond edge we can provide is critical. As we've previously announced, we'll be expanding into Asia in the coming months for the same reasons. Customers or developers wishing to test or deploy apps with multi-DC architectures, fail-over strategies, and the like can easily do so. Pricing remains constant across all Joyent Cloud DCs and you get all the other price benefits such as the best user density per VM in the cloud, 20 TBs per month of free bandwidth (very nice if you are used to pushing data back and forth between zones), and 400% CPU bursting in real-time - at no extra charge - to get you over the hump when that big traffic spike hits.

Got questions? Ping our sales guys or our solutions architects. Many of our PaaS and SaaS partners will shortly be setting up shop in Amsterdam so very soon you can expect to, say, deploy a Nodejitsu or Cloudant or Firebase app in multiple Joyent Cloud DCs! Thanks for reading and feedback, as always, is welcome.