How to Attract and Maintain Your Developer Dream Team

April 02, 2013 - by rachelbalik

The war for talent isn’t a new thing, but it’s heating up every day as startups and big tech companies alike vie for engineers who can truly take their company to the next level. That’s because companies have realized that while good leadership is important, it’s the quality and commitment of each team member that can really make or break a product.

While it seems evident that anyone would jump at the chance to play such an integral role in a young company’s evolution, every startup is competing not just against each other, but against bigger, more established companies who offer perks ranging from to free lunch to weekly housekeeping.

So what’s the secret to building your dream team if you’re a small startup unable to offer onsite dry cleaning? Jason Hoffman, our CTO and founder, has a few thoughts on the subject. (And given how awesome our engineers are, we’d like to think he really knows what he’s talking about.)

Last week, he shared his wisdom with AllThingsD, in a contributed pieced on Attracting and Maintaining the Developer Dream Team. He explains how free lunch is nice, but the best way to recruit and retain talent is to “entice them with vision, responsibility and recognition.” He explains:

The truth is, there’s always someone who can offer your engineers a higher salary or a fancier title. But no matter how high the salary or lofty the title, positive reinforcement and strong connections are often the things that build loyalty and create a strong community, and that’s ultimately more meaningful.>

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