Introducing Cloud Firewall

February 06, 2014 - by Ben Wen

The Joyent portal team has been hard at work on more than a few features. The latest is available now as a UI beta, the Cloud Firewall web UI. The Cloud Firewall allows you to centrally configure network firewall rules from one repository per data center. That way, all VM instances* can share network firewall rules. Using the metadata tagging feature, you can apply different rules for different tagged instances. It's been available as an API endpoint previously. But as of this week it's now available with an easier to use web UI. Again, the underlying firewall engine has been GA for some time, but the UI is new.

We have a 10-minute tutorial that sets up a Web-tagged rule for ssh and http and https traffic. It also includes links to the official documentation. Click here to start setting up Cloud Firewall rules now for your instances.

*Currently only SmartOS instances are supported. Other OS should use standard instance firewalls like iptables.