Introducing Joyent China

October 28, 2009 - by grassonthefield

Joyent, Inc. is very happy to announce that today we are beginning operations within mainland China. Today, we have opened a limited service of the Joyent Cloud to customers within mainland China and will be opening to the general public later this year. We are happy to be working with Intel and the Qinhuangdao Economic and Technology Development Zone, to bring the best infrastructure cloud computing service to customers in the Peoples' Republic of China. Joyent offers the best cloud for one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. Joyent will be bringing our full line of services to mainland China. We have been very impressed by the entrepreneurial and geek spirit of customers we have meet in China. Further, we have been very impressed by the open spirit of the officials of the development zone as their vision leap frogs server-hugging infrastructure for the future of the cloud: Joyent. We are excited to bring the Joyeur spirit to China. Does our presence in China represent an ethical problem for Joyent? Isn't the Chinese government known for censoring the internet? How can Joyent take part in that system? By entering the Chinese market, Joyent is signing up to play by the rules of the Chinese market. Joyent's presence in the Chinese marketplace is our commitment to participate in the on-going conversation that is China moving between the systems of the past, and the aspirations of Joyent's customers of the future. Joyent could not participate in the Chinese market were this conversation not vibrant and developing brilliantly. I want to take a moment to thank and congratulate my fellow Joyeurs on this signature achievement. Joyent has been able to achieve significant growth and expansion without, to date, raising any venture capital. What does that tell the world? One, we respect and value our customers, and in turn, they have rewarded Joyent with an opportunity to bring low-cost, high-value, on-demand cloud computing to the vibrant market that is mainland China. This is a tremendous privilege. Many thanks to all our customers. Your efforts are Joyent's effort. Second, I want to say to my fellow entrepreneurs working on many various dreams: you can do it. Keep costs at a bare minimum, sacrifice, be passionate, question your assumptions, work with the best people you can find, deliver a product customers want and will pay for, and smile. It doesn't always work, but it sometimes does. Finally, I want to thank my fellow co-workers at Joyent, the Joyeurs. Their effort made China possible. And to the China team: you are on the edge of a vast and wide opportunity. Joyent is the first public cloud up and running in China. We look forward to your many successes and insights in the coming months and years. Where does Joyent go next? Well, when one is Joyent, the feeling spreads everywhere. So, Be Joyent!


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