Jason Hoffman interviewed by SYS-CON TV

June 18, 2007 - by jason

Roger Strukhoff and crew were hanging out at JavaOne and caught up with our own Jason Hoffman for a little update on Joyent, our upcoming product releases and then asks the million dollar question…Why Joyent?

It is a good overview of the company, so if you were ever wondering what we were really about…you might find a quiet seven minutes and dig in.

Jason Hoffman interviewed by SYS-CON TV

The video is online at SYS-CON, and I will apologize in advance for the annoying Windows Server 2003 commercial at the beginning. I actually don’t know why I am apologizing when I have no control over it, but feel compelled to do so.

P.S. You have to look hard, but you can see me walk into the frame at 5:03 as I came up to take photos of the interview. I made my exit around 6:44. Most of you won’t care, or even notice, but I am a little vain, so I like to keep track. :()