Joyent and Mentez Announce Partnership for Facebook and OpenSocial Developers

February 12, 2008 - by jason

Mentez is now out of business. This post is retained for posterity.

  • Joyent and Mentez are providing free on-demand infrastructure for 1000 Social Networking Applications in South Africa, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia
  • Initial platforms supported will be Facebook and OpenSocial
  • Developers sponsored by Mentez will have access to free business planning, internet-scale consulting services and Joyent’s unique on-demand infrastructure.
  • Developers are given complimentary access to Joyent Accelerators next-generation virtual computers that can grow and multiply (or shrink and consolidate) depending on the real world demands faced by Web applications.
  • Over 50 applications have been launched in Colombia with the next wave of applications to come from Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, and Turkey.


Attributed to David Young, CEO, Joyent, Inc.

  • “I’ve been very impressed with the way Mentez can identify and bring Facebook applications to market in these emerging markets.”
  • Joyent is helping Facebook and Mentez build strong, thriving communities”.

Attributed to Juan Franco, CEO of Mentez

  • “Mentez chose to partner with Joyent because they are the leaders in building on-demand web-scale, Facebook-scale applications.”
  • “15% of Facebook 3rd party application usage runs on Joyent.”

Please contact Lina Mahecha (, Mentez, to arrange an interview and/or for additional quotes.

About Joyent, Inc.

Joyent provides on-demand applications, compute, storage, and services to teams around the world. The ease with which Joyent’s solution scales to meet increased server demands allows end-user, startups and developers to focus on their business instead of their servers. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Marin County, California, Joyent serves customers around the globe in multiple languages and time zones. For more information, visit Joyent’s web site

About Mentez

Mentez’s primary objective is the promotion and development of successful internet applications, mainly geared towards social networks, with the potential to become tremendously popular and therefore economically valuable. Given the synergies and advantages, the main brainpower source of the company comes from developers and programmers in emerging regions and developing countries.

Date of release: February 12, 2008


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