Joyent and Node.Js Are InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award Winners

January 10, 2013 - by rachelbalik


Anyone who works with “Generation Y” has no doubt heard that they’ve been dubbed the “trophy generation” because everyone gets a trophy just for playing, no matter if they win or lose. We’re proud to say that the criteria for recognition was a bit more stringent in the InfoWorld Technology of the Year awards, and we managed to earn ourselves a “trophy” not just for showing up to the game, but for truly showing that our cloud services are a cut above the rest.

As InfoWorld noted, the industry is full of clouds that make things easier, but Joyent stood out because we were faster and less expensive. Not only that, but:

The new clouds are also starting to offer well-defined services, and these are meant to be easier than doing all of the installation and configuration work yourself. You send your packets into the cloud, and someone else worries about making it all work together and scale up to be as big as your CFO's dreams. The packets go in and your answers come out. You don't have to worry about what happens in between.

Joyent wasn’t alone in collecting accolades, either. Node.js also got a nod from InfoWorld. This isn’t the first time Node’s been recognized this year. Recently, VentureBeat wrote that in 2012, it became clear that, “Node is cool, sure, but it’s also grown-up enough for the enterprise and scaled apps.” InfoWorld also agreed that the Node trend was on the upswing and still rising. Despite debates about different aspects of Node, InfoWorld predicts that it “will continue to gain converts as long as it offers fast performance and a friendly syntax for everyone who grew up programming JavaScript.”

While we’re honored to be included on InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year Award, we know it wouldn’t have been possible without our customers vouching for us. InfoWorld says we’re faster; our customer, Context Optional can prove it. Learn more in the Context Optional case study or contact our sales team to test out Joyent for yourself.

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