Joyent Cloud Expands in the East: New Data Center Lights Up in VA

February 24, 2012 - by alexsalkever

Summary Greetings and happy Friday! We're expanding eastwards with a new data center in the Mid-Atlantic. It's live with customers and available for either API-based or portal-driven new provisioning of virtual compute resources.

Details: Folks provisioning machines on Joyent Cloud last week may have noticed a new option in their data center pulldown selector. That would be our newest East Coast data center facility located in the Ashburn, VA area which we lit up last Thursday. It's now running live with active customers, joining our Southwest and West data centers running the latest version of our SmartDataCenter software. This is just the first of several new locations coming online in 2012 to ensure companies everywhere have access to the true Real-Time Cloud, which is purpose-built for running applications that require true real-time performance and low latency like walkie-talk app Voxer, LinkedIn mobile, and eCommerce company Gilt Groupe.

Our commitment to running on the very best hardware has not changed and you will deploy on top of premium servers running Nehalem/Westmere chipsets with full 10 gigabit connectivity and 15k spindles in our HDDs. We used the best servers and the fastest drives because we know that bare metal is a key determinant in end user experience, even if its through a cloud layer. The new East center packs blazing fast connectivity and peering to all the major ISPs and fiber networks with drops in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

With the new data center, Joyent Cloud users can get even closer to their customers on the East Coast, in EMEA, and in South America. This also gives users far more flexibility when it comes to spreading their infrastructure risk or putting in place high-performance DNS and geographically redundant load-balancing, among other measures. We will be expanding our geographical footprint aggressively in the coming months - both with our own new regions in Europe and Asia and through partners like Telefonica, standing up public cloud services running Joyent's SmartDataCenter software later this year. In short, the Real-Time Cloud is going to get even more so - and in a hurry. Thanks for reading. And if you have deployed in our East facility, let us know what you think.