Joyent Cloud Meetup: 10gen's Jared Rosoff and MongoLab's Todd Dampier

March 05, 2012 - by jacksonwest

Here's videos of our latest Joyent Cloud Meetup featuring 10gen's Director of Product Marketing and Customer Engagement Jared Rosoff and MongoLab CTO and Co-Founder Todd Dampier. Jared gives a great introduction to MongoDB on SmartOS and Joyent Cloud (10gen is the corporate steward of the MongoDB open source project). And Todd provides eye-opening findings on the performance of MongoDB on Joyent Cloud. There were tons of great questions from the audience, many of whom were actually SmartOS / illumos experts in their own right. Our next Meetup is on Wednesday and features the CTO of Circonus, Bryan Clapper, talking about monitoring SmartOS public and private cloud infrastructure. I'll have a follow up post about the MongoLab portion of this Meetup coming shortly. Stay tuned and what do you think of these meetups? Useful? Please guide us on future events. Thanks!