Joyent Cloud Meetup: Circonus's Brian Clapper

March 14, 2012 - by jacksonwest

Note: This was a joint meetup with the illumos community, as well so thanks for your support!

Here's video from our last Joyent Cloud Meetup with Circonus CTO Brian Clapper. Brian ran through how they integrated their sophisticated monitoring and alert tool (which covers cloud-centric compute services, marketing metrics, financial metrics and many other areas) with SmartOS and showed us some nice demos. We got a fabulous guest appearance from Voxer CTO and co-founder Matt Ranney (also a Joyent Cloud customer) running through why he uses / loves Circonus. In general, a good crowd focused on an excellent topic - monitoring. The next Joyent Cloud Meetup is April 17 and should be a good one with Quizlet CTO Andrew Sutherland discussing how he makes his Web apps run really fast (hint: with the help of New Relic and Joyent Cloud Analytics).