Joyent Connector: Free + Open

July 17, 2007 - by jason

Last Friday, Joyent made Connector free + open. Free in that anyone can sign up for a complimentary 2 User/ 2 GB plan and Open in that anyone can view the source, download it via svn, and contribute.

Continue reading to learn a little more about what Free + Open Connector means for users, developers, + for the web as a whole.

Using the Connector Suite

From a user’s perspective, Connector is an amazing way for your team to collaborate. The suite of web applications allows your team to manage + share all of their information in an open, consistent way.

The Connector suite currently includes the following applications:

  • Connect: A customizable dashboard for all of your Connector data.
  • Mail: Simple + powerful web-based email with 2 great (and unique!) features: tags + IMAP access!
  • Calendar: Manage your meetings, appointments, and events on multiple calendars. Notify your co-workers of events to invite them to a meeting.
  • People: Manage all of your contacts + easily import + export your address book. Tag people to create smart groups that you define.
  • Files: Share files with each other easily + securely via the web or SFTP.
  • Bookmarks: Just like a social bookmarking site, but for your team!
  • Lists: An outline creator + editor on the web. Make a todo list, manage a project, or even do simple math operations.

Connector apps all share a common, very refined look + feel. The UI is consistently people’s favorite part of the app. Also, all Connector applications have tags, RSS feeds, comments, smart groups, adjustable permissions, notifications (a great way to flag something for yourself or someone else). With excellent support for industry-standard file formats + protocols your data is never locked-in either.

Developing for the Connector Platform

From a developer’s perspective, Connector is the best platform for creating easy-to-use web applications that integrate well within a suite of inter-related applications. We’ve used the Ruby on Rails language + web framework, and have built a rich application framework on top of that.

By taking advantage of Connectors libraries + conventions your applications can seamlessly blend into the suite. You can add to the feature set of our current applications. With a real option for an open framework you now can leave the closed application suites for something better.

So, download the code!

svn co joyent_connector

And here are some more tools to help.


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