Joyent Developer Days: Proposed Cities

April 30, 2008 - by jason

We are working on a series of one-day developer events to be held around the U.S. (to start*), that will include seminars and plenty of opportunities to hack on a few things.

The day itself will vary in format from location to location, but the goal is the same: bring the Joyent developer community closer together, provide the tools you need to build a successful web application and meet some fun people in the process.

We’ll be posting more details on the sessions as we finalize them, right now, we are curious as to what cities YOU feel we should absolutely visit. I have a list of 16 cities on our white board right now, I would like to bring that number down to 5 for the launch.

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*Once the first five cities are under our belt, we will look at expanding the U.S. list based on your replies, and hopefully hopping the pond to visit our European friends as well as those down under.

UPDATE: 5/6/08

The five cities, leading by a mile, are: San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Austin.

I am going to leave the poll open through Friday, May 9th at 5pm PST and will post the results next Monday with proposed dates. If your city is not one of the five listed, vote now.

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