Joyent Engineering’s Latest Side Project Turns Heads and Stomachs

August 02, 2013 - by Rachel Balik

At first it tastes fine, but then, wham!

Our engineers have an established record of taking their own initiative to solve important problems. In fact, that’s how we got node.js flamegraphs, latency heat maps and even Manta.

Today, the team took that innovative and creative spirit to a whole new level when they decided to host their own Iron Chef event, with Thunderbird wine, which was rated one of the five worst ways to get drunk, as the ingredient.

I can taste my own breath coming up - and it's awful.

The result? The potluck spread below was such a “success” that it may some day land on a list of top five ways to make your tastebuds cry. Our team successfully destroyed delicious delicacies such as roasted cashews, feta salad, pork stew, chicken marsala and even old-fashioned ice cream by adding this critical (and possibly toxic) ingredient.

Is making the ice cream a fireable offense?

These taste like cashews that were roasted in exhaust.

Assuming there are no fatalities or major food poisoning incidents, the team should return to exercising their actual talents on Monday.

Wow -- this actually tastes better than it smells.