Joyent Introduces Expanded Customer Support Offerings

May 24, 2013 - by rachelbalik

Yesterday, we announced our new end-to-end compute services allowing more flexibility and control when it comes to pricing and instance types. If you’re thinking that these new services and the dramatically improved price to performance value is the best thing since sliced bread, you’ll no doubt be elated to know that as of today, we’re adding butter in the form of more choices and flexibility in customer support offerings.

Let us introduce you to our expanded support offerings. With the new offerings, we’re giving our customers the flexibility to choose from differentiated tiers of support with various service levels. This broad expansion of our customer support service lets customers decide what level of support is best suited for their business, from basic to mission-critical.

We specifically developed our support portfolio based on feedback from our customer base, ensuring that we could meet all their demands, no matter what their shape or size. Mobile startups often have much different needs than Fortune 500 companies, and now we can offer tailored support for each. Every business will have more flexibility when selecting options for 24-7 support.

The new tiers range from basic service that is given free to all customers to mission-critical service:

  • Basic. Provides free access to technical support during business hours, support forums and documentation to all customers on the Joyent Cloud.
  • Developer. Supplies enhanced support for Node.js and SmartOS, as well as developer-specific courseware and training discounts and architecture support.
  • Production. Offers 12-hour response times and 24-7 severity one support by phone.
  • Business-Critical. Provides enhanced proactive service components beyond architecture support, such as priority case handling, root cause analysis and application performance analysis. The business-critical option also offers one-hour response times and extended access to technical support as well as a specific Joyent technical contact.
  • Mission-Critical. Expands on the business-critical support option’s available proactive services, adding application migration and production assessment. In addition to assigning the customer with a Joyent technical contact, this offering also provides a personalized service engineer and service reviews. The mission critical option also offers 24-7 technical support and 30 minute response times.

Joyent has always put a premium on customer service and satisfaction and, with today’s announcement, we continue to build on that and aligns with our mission of delivering outstanding, compassionate and individualized customer service. Now more than ever, we can work with our customers not just as a vendor but as trusted partner, committed and invested in helping their businesses grow.

For more information on Joyent’s expanded service offering, visit our Support page.